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              咨詢電話:0537-7609518 網站首頁 在線留言 聯系我們



                梁山五岳車業有限公司(原云馳工貿有限公司)是國家工業信息化部《公告》目錄管理許可經營企業。座落于古典名著《水滸傳》故事的發祥地----水泊梁山, 東依京抗大運河,西傍京九鐵路,是220國道濟南至鄭州的必經之地。公司專業銷售掛車以及掛車相關配件。



              Liangshan five Yue Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. (formerly Yun Chi Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.) is the national industrial information department's "announcement" directory management license business. Located in the birthplace of the classic "Water Margin" story - - - Liangshan, the east of the Grand Canal, the west near the Beijing Kowloon Railway, is the 220 National Road from Ji'nan to Zhengzhou. The company specializes in trailers and trailer related accessories.

              Our company always adhere to the market oriented, customer oriented, to achieve a unified brand, unified quality, unified sales, established office, financial, logistics information management system, the sales network radiates all regions of the country. Quality first, user first is our enterprise management purpose; hard work, self-improvement is our enterprise's fine tradition; pioneering and enterprising is the spirit of the spirit of the enterprise.

              Yang Yiyun, chairman of the company, warmly welcome new and old customers to negotiate business.